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LM Wind Power manufactures

The LM 107.0 P - world's first wind turbine blade to surpass 100 meters!

Manufactured by LM Wind Power, the 107-meter wind turbine blade is the world’s first blade over 100 meters in length and is one of the biggest single-components ever built.

The 107-meter blade powers GE Renewable Energy’s Haliade-X 12 MW offshore wind turbine, the world’s most powerful wind turbine to date. 

The first LM 107.0 P blade was manufactured in LM Wind Power’s offshore blade factory in Cherbourg, France in April 2019. 
One spin of the Haliade-X can generate enough electricity to power a UK household for more than two days.

The Haliade-X wind turbine with the LM 107.0 P blade is undoubtedly the front runner in the clean energy transition.


LM 107.0 P


“This achievement was made possible by our team of highly passionate people developing technology and manufacturing processes, to revolution yet again the offshore wind industry with ever larger and more reliable rotor blades – thus capturing more wind and ultimately delivering an even lower levelized cost of energy!” - Alexis Crama, VP Offshore

Watch as LM Wind Power manufactures the LM 107.0 P blade in Cherbourg, France- the first ever wind turbine blade to surpass 100 meters in length and then ships it for a global testing program, to ensure it's ready for years of operation offshore.



Born in Cherbourg

Pride, passion and persistence deliver a record-breaker.

Congratulations to our colleagues in Cherbourg, France and the global LM 107.0 P project team for this landmark achievement!

World's longest wind turbine blade sees first daylight!

LM Wind Power's first 107-meter blade, for GE's Haliade-X 12MW wind turbine, has made its first trip outside the factory in Cherbourg, France.

World’s longest wind turbine blade arrives in the UK for global validation program!

Testing the 107 m blade at ORE Catapult in the UK

Over the coming months, the blade - which stretches longer than nine London double decker buses - will undergo a full range of advanced testing procedures. Static and fatigue tests will demonstrate the blade’s ability to withstand peak wind conditions and will simulate its readiness for years of operation at sea.

Read more about 107m blade testing and certification here

107m blade in che

Cherbourg factory launches the second 107-meter wind turbine blade mold!

LM Wind Power launched the second 107-meter wind turbine blade mold (production line) at the Cherbourg factory in France, in order to address the industry’s demand for offshore wind turbine blades. The second mold has been through the prototype phase and will now start operations.