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Lingdi and Yunhai, a couple in Baodi, China,

Molding a Future Together: An Inspiring Story of two operators Lingdi and Yunhai

Lingdi and Yunhai, a couple in Baodi, China, have dedicated nearly three decades (collectively) to shaping wind turbine blades and weaving their lives together at LM Wind Power. They not only found love but also a shared commitment to excellence in the wind energy sector.

Starting as production operators, they have grown professionally over the years, becoming team leaders at the blade manufacturing plant, which was established in 2017. Currently, Yunhai oversees the molding of very long blades in the molding department, while Lingdi focuses on spar cap molding. 

With 18 years of experience for Yunhai and almost a decade for Lingdi, their journey reflects a commitment to continuous learning and mutual support, leveraging strengths and addressing weaknesses, while contributing with their skills to the ever-evolving landscape of blade manufacturing. 

A Balancing Act: Work and Family Responsibilities 

At the Baodi facility, Yunhai and Lingdi support each other on various intricate processes involved in blade molding, which require specialized knowledge and equipment. While Yunhai is technically sound and enjoys taking up physical tasks, Lingdi is well regarded for her attention to details and a great sense of inclusion. 

“We are aware of the critical position we have at the shopfloor of a business targeting future solutions, and what better way than to work in cohesion while respecting other’s differences”, says Lingdi, who is immensely proud of their collective accomplishments. 

While their schedule is dictated by production plans, often requiring them to work during different hours of the day, they do get a few days every month when they are on the same shift. On such days, the couple enjoys a meal together followed by customary walks in the park or by the river following dinner to unwind after the day’s work.

The couple's journey also involves parenting their children. In their early years, they worked separate shifts to care for their children. Now, with the children grown, they continue to prioritize family time, often taking walks in the park or watching movies together after dinner.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work! 

Lingdi joined LM Wind Power through the 'Better Gender Balance Program' and exemplifies success through hard work and persistent self-belief. With each passing year she honed her abilities, seizing development opportunities along the way. She was recognized as an “LM Wind Power Star”, promoted to mentor, and is the first female team leader at the Baodi plant.

Yunhai, on the other hand, has won multiple accolades for his exemplary leadership including an “LM Wind Power Star” and “Special Improvement” Awards. In 2023, he led his team to win the prestigious "Best Contribution Award". 

“Each blade we produce is a step towards a more sustainable future. For us, blade manufacturing isn't just a job; it's our contribution to the growth of sustainable energy and we hope more individuals join the industry, to collectively shape a future powered by clean and renewable sources,” Yunhai states.

These collective achievements, Yunhai further notes, have also ignited enthusiasm among his colleagues at the shopfloor, who are very proud to play a role in powering the world with clean energy, one blade at a time.

Lingdi and Yunhai’s journey, both professional and personal, is marked by resilience, growth, and a shared commitment to building a sustainable future together. They, along with numerous other couples, are our #LMGamechangers, who exemplify the spirit of innovation and teamwork globally, and their dedication paves the way for a cleaner, more sustainable world. 

Image caption: Yunhai (L) and Lingdi (R) with CEO Olivier Fontan at LM Wind Power’s Baodi blade facility.