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Changing the world through the power of wind

Each day we work to change the world through the power of wind, creating a cleaner, greener future for everyone on our shared home, earth. On this Global Wind Day, June 15, LM Wind Power leaders reflect on our contribution to the energy transition and our company vision: together, we capture the wind to power a cleaner world.

Olivier Fontan


Olivier Fontan

Chief Executive Officer, LM Wind Power

"Our company and industry are growing at a pace few will ever witness...Our people help deliver precisely that, every day."

Committed to leading the energy transition


On this Global Wind Day, I reflect that four years have passed since the adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals - the blueprint to achieving a better and more sustainable future for all.

The wind industry is a key part of the transition to a cleaner energy system and an enabler to address other sustainability challenges. Within the industry, LM Wind Power has taken a leadership role in sustainability. Our company’s vision is, “Together, we capture the wind to power a cleaner world,” and we’re definitely living that vision! Our company and industry are growing at a pace few will ever witness. Although double-digit growth comes with operational challenges, it is a clear signal that the world wants more reliable, affordable and sustainable forms of energy. Our people help deliver precisely that, every day.

With more than three decades of experience, LM Wind Power has a track record of producing ever-longer, lighter and more efficient blades that lower the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE). In many markets, the industry has succeeded in decreasing the cost of wind energy to a level on par or even lower than conventional forms of energy. Wind projects nowadays win tenders without any guaranteed feed-in tariff, showing that wind projects are possible on market terms.

GE Renewable Energy pledged to achieve carbon neutral operations by 2020 - across its wind, hydro, energy storage and grid businesses - through operational efficiencies, sourcing renewable energy and offsetting unavoidable emissions. As part of the GE Renewable Energy family and having the experience of being the first company in the wind industry to achieve carbon neutrality in 2018, our clear focus is to help GE Renewable Energy to decarbonize.

At the same time, we will aim to improve sustainability performance further within LM Wind Power. This year, we’ll focus on emission reduction opportunities that will improve our operational excellence as well as those in which every employee can make a difference. I’m also committed to maintaining and increasing our focus on safety, on quality and on compliance as we undertake the challenge of bringing new blade technology to market at a required competitive cost.

LM Wind Power remains committed to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals. I look forward to accelerating our sustainability advancement, as there remains much more that must be done.



Hanif Mashal

Vice President, Engineering

"The world will not stop spinning and neither will our blades on wind turbines!"

Energy transition, pandemic, climate change…a test of our resilience


As we celebrate the Global Wind Day in the midst of a global pandemic, it is important to reflect on why what we do matters. The pandemic tested many things we took for granted, including life and health, and so does climate change. Our world is one ecosystem for us all.

The pandemic experience taught us lessons such as: 1) everything that happens to us is the result of our actions, 2) humanity is creative and resilient enough to find solutions once the problem is understood, 3) being prepared matters and saves lives! Covid-19 is not the first, and neither the last, challenger to our world; climate change is lurking out of sight.

We must recognize climate change is real and prepare to face it head on before being overpowered by it.

We use our engineering curiosity to develop technologies that can transform the power of wind to electrical energy. It is a journey we take together as the renewable energy sector by combining our knowledge and passion. We have a unique opportunity now to accelerate the energy transition to renewables, powering our world and its economic growth with clean and affordable energy.

At LM Wind Power, we have been living this commitment to renewable energy since the 1970s. One in five of all wind turbines around the world have LM-developed rotor blades spinning on them.

On this day, we thank everyone whose resilience has kept us moving forward despite all the challenges. Let’s continue to live the vision of a sustainable world for generations to come and protect our life-supporting ecosystem.

‘The world will not stop spinning and neither will our blades on wind turbines!’

Stay safe.



Dorte Kamper

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

"Wind is creating an abundance of opportunities for ALL people - wherever they are from and whoever they are."

Opportunity for all


On Global Wind Day, I think about the many people who I have met in my travels for work and holiday around the world. LM Wind Power manufactures blades in 10 countries, on four continents, and we develop the innovative designs and technology for these blades in technology centers located worldwide. With a truly global approach to blade design, manufacturing and service, we are able to provide wind turbine blades to all major wind markets, and at the same time benefit from the diverse talent and knowledge of colleagues across the globe. With this winning formula, we can help lead the drive to reduce the cost of clean, renewable energy to meet the world’s rising energy demands.

Wind as an industry and wind as an energy source is creating an abundance of opportunities for ALL people – wherever they are from and whoever they are. At the same time, we need in the wind industry to think actively on diversity and inclusion to attract enough people to our industry, in order to be able to deliver the required growth in the coming years. It is not only the right thing to do, but it also makes business sense.



Bjarne Sandager Nielsen

Vice President, Global Operations & Sourcing

"Wind is a clean, free, inexhaustible source of energy that helps fight global warming."


A beautiful view


My home is surrounded by 30+ 150 meter high wind turbines, within a 5-kilometer distance. Every day when I leave my home, I am met with this view.  For some it is horrible and ugly, but for me it is beautiful, calming, harmonic and an important part of our future.

Wind is a clean, free, inexhaustible source of energy that helps fight global warming. It also makes financial sense, as the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) for wind is now the cheapest source of electricity in many countries. On top of that, it is a globally available, decentralized power-supply independent of fuel prices and trade disputes. This creates a strategic difference for countries without the natural resources needed for conventional power production.

For me, that’s three compelling arguments why wind energy has an important role in the future energy supply.